Santa Has Lost His Wish List & Needs Your Help to Save Christmas

Every year in December boys and girls around the world get ready for Santa. They put out their stockings, decorate their Christmas Trees, bake Santa fresh cookies, and put out a glass of milk for him to enjoy. But they often forgot one thing, to write Santa a letter!

Now, Santa is a master at knowing the nice kids from the naughty ones and he memorizes what everyone wants for Christmas, however, this doesn’t mean that a well-crafted letter to Santa Claus won’t help him out.

I mean come on, he has to memorize every single kid’s (and adult’s) Christmas wish list, that can not be easy! When writing a letter to Santa you get to tell him directly what you want for Christmas, and it’s a sure-fire way to get you on the Nice List.

Maybe you missed Santa at the mall or maybe he wasn’t able to come to your city this year due to high demand. But I can tell you one thing for sure, writing a letter to Santa and sending it straight to the North Pole is the best way to get what you want this year (and you may even find magic kits underneath the Christmas Tree because of it).

In fact, in recent years people have been assuming that Santa knows what they want and just simply haven’t been writing him letters (see graph below).

theres been a decline in people writing letters to santa claus

As you can see we’ve got a serious problem on our hands…but it gets worse.

This year something went terribly wrong and Santa had misplaced his Wish List that contained a list of what everyone wanted for Christmas.  So to get people to start writing letters to Santa again (and to help jog his memory) we’ve sat down with the jolly, red-suit-wearing man himself to get his opinion of what to put in the letter and how to send it to him.

Bill: “Santa, thanks for sitting down with me today I know that you’ve gotta be busy this time of year getting everything ready for the big day on December 25th.”

Santa Claus: “I wish I could say that Bill, but I’ve got elves in the workshop not knowing what presents to make. I’ve seemed to misplaced my master Wish List.”

Bill: “What’s the master Wish List?”

Santa: “In there I had written down what people want for Christmas. I had a list for every single person in the world with not a soul left out, and I’ve seemed to lose it.”

Bill: “Oh no that’s terrible, what does that mean for everyone?”

Santa: “Simply put I just can’t remember everyone’s Christmas List and I need some help. I need people to send me a letter with what they want for Christmas so I can get the workshop running again and get these presents to them on time!”

Bill: “It may be bad to admit but I haven’t written a letter to you in a long time, what should I put in it”

Santa: “I know you haven’t and if you don’t send a letter this year you may find yourself on the naughty list, but keep it simple I’ll have lots of letters to read. Tell me how you’ve been nice this year and one good thing you’ve done to deserve a present, then tell me what you want!” *Ring Ring* *Ring Ring*  “Sorry there Bill, Mrs. Claus just tried to call”

Bill: “Forget who tried to call you, I didn’t know SANTA had a phone!?”

Santa: “Just got one of these last week. And that reminds me, you can send me a tweet with the hashtag #lettertosanta and I’ll get your Christmas List that way too.

Bill: “Great, well let’s say someone wants to send you an old fashion, hand-written postcard. How would they do that?”

Santa: “I love getting letters in the mail! To do that mail your letter, addressed North Pole Postmark Postmaster, to 4141 Postmark Dr. Anchorage, AK 99530-9998.”

Bill: “Perfect, we’ll get the word out to everyone and urge them to send a letter this year.”

To recap Bill’s sit down with Santa we’ve put together this handy list.

What to say when you write your letter to Santa:

  1. Tell Santa how nice you’ve been
  2. Tell him one good thing you did to help someone else this year
  3. Tell Santa what you want for Christmas

Where to send your letter to Santa:

This year Santa’s got a phone so you’ve got two options to send him your Christmas letter.

  1. Tweet Santa your Christmas letter by using the hashtag #lettertosanta or click here to tweet Santa now!
  2. Handwrite your letter and send it to…

ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998

P.S. For more information on this and to learn how to get a response back from Santa go to the USPS website.

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