Santa’s new health regimen

New health recommendations from Santa’s private physician are urging the Big Guy to follow a balanced diet, daily exercise and regular cholesterol checkups. When it comes to Christmas Eve, it can be especially difficult for him to stay on this strict diet, especially with so many tempting cookies left out by children around the world. It’s important for parents to teach their children which foods will be good choices, and which ones might hinder Santa’s ability to maintain optimum health.

Mrs. Claus, concerned about her husband’s weight and cholesterol, has announced that all children should adhere to these new requirements. “At home, I’m able to cook healthy meals on a daily basis and encourage my husband hit the gym. On the road, or sky rather, it’s much harder to resist the opportunity to indulge in his favorite treats,” she says. “So, I’m asking for the help from all the children to make sure they leave Santa with healthy alternatives. Fruit, nuts, veggies and skim milk are all good ideas.”

In the past, Santa’s focus and time had been completely devoted to the Workshop, his employees, his wife’s wellbeing and his fan base. With his doctor’s new warnings, he is now much better about giving himself attention, as well. His old morning routine had previously included skipping breakfast, reading the news and heading straight for the office. Nowadays, he takes time to enjoy a small cup of coffee, granola bar, two eggs and a piece of fruit. Afterwards, he spends at least 30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes of weight training at the North Pole community gym.

“I would recommend this new lifestyle change to anyone,” says Santa. “I wish I had started this sooner. I remember back in the early 90s — that’s 1890s — the once-a-year trip was so exhausting, I would sometimes have to stay at a hotel for the night, before flying back home to the misses. Now, I can make it around the world and back and still have time and energy left.”

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